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It is my great pleasure to put together a few words that sum up my experience with meeting both Murray & Heidi Rixon. I have been blessed to have come in contact with such friendly, honest & helpful people as Murray and Heidi who are all of that and more. I am a (Hobbyist) NZ Certified Apiculture Level 3 beekeeper living in Balclutha. Through my love for bees, I am always searching for experience and knowledge to better my bees. Both Murray & Heidi willingly provide a great wealth of knowledge & experience which they share with endless bounds of enthusiasm & passion. They are very much into sustainability & environmentally friendly practices. Looking after mother earth takes a lot of dedication & love. Both Murray, Heidi & their family excel in this area. All the very best to you all ...  :-)

Stuart Dawson, Balclutha

I have known Heidi and Murray for close to 5 years now, initially through Rent-a-Hive as I needed a beehive on our rooftop at the Department of Zoology, University of Otago. When they sold the business, we subsequently stayed as friends (I hope the feeling is mutual)!!! In the time we have used their service, Heidi and Murray have been nothing short of professional and are one of the most knowledgeable experts that I know in their field. They are also very warm and friendly and often a “quick catchup” would turn into an hour long yarn! I have had the pleasure of one of their bee tours last year as part of our Christmas day out and the experience was amazing. All of their tours are tailor-made to suit the group (any age group). The visit was informative and really fun for all of my colleagues, even though most had no prior background or knowledge about beekeeping. The tour ranged from getting to know everybody then jumping into the ”nitty-gritty” stuff about beekeeping and honey extraction before ending off with some honey tasting. On a more personal side, Heidi and Murray have also been really helpful too when I needed advice with any beekeeping problems or even just a great place to bring my parents for some honey shopping whenever they visit. Not once have I found myself, or people that I have recommended them to, to be disappointed by their hospitality, friendliness ... or their honey!

Jaihui (Nat), Dunedin